Psychotherapy is my passion
– Asta Lee

Who are we?

Mettaland Art Therapy

Mettaland focus on coachee’s experiences, feelings and thoughts. Art-making within a consistent therapeutic relationship offers a safety space. Through art therapy you may know your child or your deeper feeling, behave, strengths to reduce fear, anxiety and depression. See more about Mettaland Art Therapy’s services video introduction below.

Asta Lee |  Mettaland Sdn Bhd

What We Do?

Help People Heal

Mettaland specializes in working with children, young people, concerned parents and carers. Our art pschotherapist provides assessments and therapies to assess their conditions.

Art Therapy session allows changes to happen within the individual, as well as a relationship. If you are a parent or carer, we offer a space to reflect on your child’s emotional world and to make sense of their behaviour. As a result, parents find new ways of responding and being with their child. Families also find that their stress levels reduce.

Therapeutic art and the healing process of therapeutic art for self-expression and self-healing may be required in order to gain a deeper understanding of the problems and the needs of our clients. We then propose an appropriate treatment goal and plan together with our clients.

Furthermore, we also offer the Solution Focused Coaching and parenthood learning program to help teachers and parents to understand their children and find better ways to communicate with the children.


If you are looking for improvements on your child’s behaviour, or you wish to have self-awareness on yourself, why not try art therapy?

Child Art Therapy & Parenthood Solution Focused Coaching

Child Art Therapy & Parenthood SF (Solution Focused) Coaching

Individual art therapy session to let parents more understand the child’s feeling and behaviour.

Art Therapy & Solution Focused Coaching

Art Therapy & Solution Focused (SF) Coaching for Adult(s)

Individual or group art therapy session to explore your inner feeling and strength, gain insight to rebuild a better quality of life.

School Advisory

School Advisory

We customize your team building, teachers training and school events to help you to restructure your school and improve the quality of school.